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Споделяме нашия опит и резултати от програмата за развитие на лидери, която ние от Дейл Карнеги България изградихме и продължаваме да провеждаме за СКФ Беарингс България. Вижте какво разказаха Стоянка Аршинкова - Изпълнителен директор, Милена Дойнова - Мениджър „Човешки ресурси“ в компанията и Мария Шишкова - Управляващ съдружник в ЕЙМС Хюман Кепитал и Дейл Карнеги Трейнинг за съвместното ни партньорство.​
Psychology Today, Jan 13
The answer most often lies in managerial relationships. A recent national study by Dale Carnegie Training placed the number of “fully engaged” employees at 29%, and “disengaged” employees at 26% - meaning nearly three-quarters of employees are not fully engaged (aka productive).
Managers of TNT, Hewlett-Packard, Astra Zeneca, UBB, Lloyd`s Register EMEA branch and CEZ share their experience with Dale Carnegie Training Bulgaria.
Mr. Mahan Tavakoli's interview about the ways of achieving success in business.
The 100th anniversary of Dale Carnegie Training was celebrated in Sofia on the 26th of November. Mr. Mahan Tavakoli, Vice President of Dale Carnegie Training, was the special guest of the event.
See what Mr. Mahan Tavakoli, Vice President of Dale Carnegie Training, shares about acheivement of better results for ourselves and for our employers.
Managers from leading companies answer to that question.
Results: 28 Article(s) Found

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