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Whether you want to improve your performance in Sales, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Communications, Presentations or Customer Service you’ll find a resource here that perfectly matches your learning style preference. Choose from time-spaced courses, shorter seminars, or web or mobile delivered programs – whatever suits the way you learn best.

Whatever learning method you choose you’ll have a learning experience that will help power your performance and your career to the next level – an experience that has already helped over 8 million people become major successes in all walks of life


Dale Carnegie Course



Duration: 4 consecutive weeks from 09:00h. to 17:30h.

This course will help you master the capabilities demanded in today's tough business environment. You'll learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. You'll be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader. And you'll develop a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.

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High-Impact Presentations





Duration: 2 Consecutive Days from 09:00h. to 17:30h.

Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure.
The experience in this presentations skills training seminar is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking coach. You present at least seven times over the course of two days. Your presentations are videotaped and evaluated. And you get expert one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation.

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Sales Advantage

Start: 11.10.2017

Duration: 4 consecutive weeks from 09:00h. to 17:30h.

Selling is a lot more than just describing features and benefits. Good sales people follow a process that leads from prospecting to closing. Great sales people combine the process with their personal drive to make the sale.

Sales Advantage is the only course that gives you these critical ingredients for making the sale, because it is the only one that interweaves Dale Carnegie Training's proven principles of success into every session. It will turn you into a sales leader because it develops the whole you. You gain not just an intellectual understanding of sales but also the emotional drive to put this understanding into action. If you want the confidence, enthusiasm and ability to influence people, register for Sales Advantage today.

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Leadership Training for Managers

Start: 07.11.2017

Duration: 4 consecutive weeks from 09:00h. to 18:00h.

Leadership development has meant different things in different times. The modern leader knows that it means developing the skills needed to motivate the modern team. Employees are not told what to do anymore. Now, you influence their choices and assist them in reaching their goals. You do not direct; you win the team over to your point of view. You do not dictate; you inspire! This management leadership training course will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; and, as a result, make you a vital part to your organization's future.

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